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Lifestyle Session

Why choose a lifestyle session?
Your life is beautiful, your everyday life is what makes you and your family. Memories fade and I know most childhood memories fade before adulthood come around. Capturing you life as it is means you capture memories forever. Imagine looking back at photos of your childhood home with pictures of your family doing the things you do every day. When you open up a photo album you get more excited about the pictures that have a story behind them that have meaning.

A lifestyle session is usually an in the home session, were we capture memories of exactly how thing are. It is about capturing the emotions of you with your new baby, think about storytelling and you are pretty close to understanding a lifestyle session. We take pictures of things that happen often in your home like bathing your baby, snuggles on the couch, feeding your baby in the rocking chair that has been handed down through generations and much, much more. You know how you have been planing that nursery you whole pregnancy??? We will get lots of pictures of that.

Everything in the pictures will have meaning and a memory behind it.

Let me capture YOUR story and lets preserve memories for generations to come!

To prepare for your lifestyle session I will send you a PDF with everything you need to know.

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So, your ready to book? OOOOOOH Yay click on the contact tab and send me an email and we can get started!!! Or still unsure? The cool too send me an email with any concerns and questions, I love hearing from everyone and if my sessions arent for you I will help you find someone local who is.. I have some connections haha
So lets do this! press that contact tab and I will talk to you soon..

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