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But my house isn’t pretty..

But my house isnt pretty…..I know you’re worried about the way your house will look.  Lots of people have this worry, including the people you see in my portfolio, its the biggest concern for most people considering lifestyle photos!
What if I told you that didn’t matter? What if I told you my kitchen was salmon coloured hahah. Your laughing right? I am serious. Today i took lifestyle pictures of my daughter painting specifically just for YOU!


lifestyle layla

Cute huh!
Now look at this… that is what my kitchen looks like! I didnt even bother cleaning it, I would say just for this example but it would be a lie hahah


See we can still get pictures. And see that table? that is an old second hand table that is marked all over but do you know what, we have memories here. This is where we eat our meals and talk about the day. This table is where Layla paints and spills her drinks. I know that when she gets older looking at these photos will bring back memories. How do I know that? Because Looking back through my child hood photos, these types are my favourite, the photos of my family doing what we always did and the memories come flooding back. To me they are priceless.


What is lifestyle exactly? You can read about that here




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