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Specialising in Geelong Birth Photography

Birth photography is something reasonably new and even newer in the Geelong region. There is a small amount of photographers who will photograph births. I am one of these photographers. I service Geelong, Werribee, the Surf Coast and Colac districs. Capturing birth stories as they unfold is my passion. Each birth witnessed is different and needs to be told differently.

I understand your needs as a labouring woman as I have had my own child labouring for 36 hours before giving birth to my daughter in water at my local hospital. I understand the types of photographs you may want and I have studied the birthing processes from a very young age, this has given me the ability to know the process thoroughly therefore knowing when to shoot and what is happening, and in some cases can be a support to the labouring woman’s support. I will sit down with you before the birth of your baby so you get the chance to know me, and I will get to know you, so when the time comes to have your baby having me in the room is a comfortable, relaxing and pleasant experience

By specialising in just this field it gives me the best opportunity to make it to your birth as I won’t have other types of shoots to prioritises over your birth. You will be number one priority. There will be no choosing between your birth and a wedding or leaving early for a full day of shoots, it’s all about you!

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