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The C-section Birth of Aydin

All my births are so special to me but this one is one I will never forget. Aydin’s birth was the first c-section I was allowed to photograph and his parents were so strong, a team like no other. Here is Aydin’s Birth Story from his strong mumma.
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My birth story: 1am 11th August and we cannot sleep…. For some reason we knew our lives were going to change… 5am comes and we are on our way to the hospital, we are meeting our little human today…. I felt contractions early during this time, and that is when the nurses decided to check us in… So many things going around in our head, will we be good parents? What will the gender be? It got to 7am so we went downstairs for a coffee, our last coffee together as two… 4pm came along and contractions started getting stronger, we went to birthing suite, I could barely walk there… 4:30pm I was only 1cm dilated so my waters were fully broken and away we went…. We tried the fitball, I remember hubby telling me to “breathe”, all I can remember is the Tahitian sun as I breathed in and smelt the beautiful Tahitian oils being massaged into my back and on the tissue I was smelling. Pain pain pain, can u go to the toilet? No I don’t want to go to the toilet…. My god I’m in so much pain someone get me some GAS NOW PLEASE!!!, after being on the gas for a few hours the pain was unbearable… 9pm came and I was still only 1cm dilated, so pethidine was the next pain manager of choice…. I remember telling Sarah and hubby that it felt like “the pain was at the other end of the room” it was amazing… Hooray for pethidine!!! 11pm came and the doctor came in to check on me… I needed an epidural there was no movement in dilation, all that hard work for nothing… Reality set in that things were getting scary…. I cried as hubby held me while the anesthetist put in the epidural…. I went to sleep after this until I was woken by the doctor, I was only 4cm dilated and baby’s heart rate had increased…. I had a choice, continue to try and risk my baby or go into surgery now…. I took the obvious choice, “I just want my baby here safe and healthy doc”…. As he left to prep we cried and cried… I felt like my body had given up on me…. But hubby reminded me” were going to see our baby soon” that instantly made me happier, as they rolled me into theater I prayed to god, for my baby to be here safe and sound in my arms. The next thing I remember is my doctor saying “Sarah quick get your camera ready!” and then I heard him scream, the most beautiful moment of my life, it’s a boy, I knew it was a boy I just knew it!!! I called our Aydin’s name as they put him on my chest, he was still crying so I sang my grandfather’s favourite song “a au clair de la lune” and he stopped crying…. My whole life change at 1:40am, he was here in my arms, he smiled for the first time, he was calm in my arms, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Welcome to the world Aydin xx

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