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This beautiful little man was born at 33 weeks and he is such a strong guy. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

Byron’s birth story written by his amazing mummy.

5.24pm on Friday 31st October I started getting what I thought was Braxton hicks contractions we observed them and timed them for a while then went to bed. At 12.45 am November 1st I woke to an extremely intense contraction I then timed them for 4 hours and then woke my partner (mitch) and we called the maternity ward. Told them that I’d had some show and that the contractions were 2-5 mins apart and 1 minute long. They told me to come in so they could check that my cervix was still shut. So we made our way into hospital. We got settled in our room and then I got examined and I was already 3 cm dilated. The doctor wanted to try and slow the process down as I was only 33 weeks n 4 days along so I was given a pethidine shot and also steroid injection & antibiotics for bubs in case we couldn’t slow it down. The contracts started to get closer together and more intense then the pethidine kicked in. They slowed down a for bit but I they will still strong and painful. I was then examined again and I was 5-6 cm dilated and we all knew there was no stopping now. So I was given more antibiotics. And steroid injections through out the morning/ night. As the hours passed the contractions became worse and closer and closer together they were about 20-30 seconds apart. I was given another pethidine shot and then tried to have a nap, I nodded off for 30 seconds and my heart monitor went off, I had stopped breathing n my heart had stopped. My partner and my photographer where extremely quick to wake me. So then on the only way I had any sort of relief as the gas and pethidine didn’t help was rocking or bouncing on the medicine ball, rocking back and forth on all fours on the floor or having my partner pushing heavily on my lower back and occasionally my photographer, Sarah helped by pushing on my lower back as my partner lifted my belly. Best pain relief. During this time I had the urge to push so I was examined again and I was only 8 cm dilated. For about an hour or so I could breathe through the pushing sensation but then it all became to strong and to much I could not stop the urge to push so we had to Consider having an epidural even though I did not want one at all but it was the best option so I said yes… So off they went to collect all the requirements in the mean time my doctor kept telling me u need to stop pushing and u need to roll onto your back. Well I just simply couldn’t stop pushing or move at all. My doctor said to me, Leah the baby doesn’t like this position u need to roll over now. All I remember is looking at the monitor and then thinking my partner rolled me over but I actually rolled myself. By that time the nurse was back with the epidural but it was too late for an epidural … Thank god … I was 10 cm dilated and bubs was coming so I was aloud to push. Few big pushes then my doctor said I need to do some small ones. So I tried my best to only push slightly then all I felt was SNIP SNIP and the tension in my skin release and an extreme stinging .. they had to cut me, next was the burning sensation of bubs head coming out so I pushed as directed by my doctor and about 10 minutes later our beautiful baby boy made his entrance. A quick cuddle n kiss with mum, cord cutting and a kiss with dad then wisped away to the crib to get him to breathe. I looked at my partner and we burst into tears with joy but then my worry kicked in. Why can’t I hear him? Why isn’t he crying? Is he ok? What’s going on? While my partner stayed by his side reassuring me everything was ok. I still was filled with worry… both doctors came over an assured me he was doing great. Bubs was then breathing slowly on his own but put on support for extra help he was then taken to special care nursery with dad at his side to be further monitored. Mean while I was being stitched up and cleaned off. Minutes later mitch came back to take me up to see bubs as I walk out my door I see some of our family is there. We all went up to meet baby Byron. The moment I saw him Tears filled my eyes. He was finally here and he was doing great. He was in the special care nursery for 2 weeks then he came home and was safe and sound with mum and dad.

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  • Mitch Fatboi Mclaine - November 23, 2015 - 2:21 am

    I love reading this over and over and looking through the pictures xx thank u Sarah can’t wait till the next one :)ReplyCancel

  • Mitch Fatboi Mclaine - November 23, 2015 - 2:21 am

    That was from Leah hahHa xxReplyCancel

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