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How to choose a birth photographer? And why it’s so important.

It starts from the moment you pee on that stick and you find out you’re PREGNANT!!!! The excitement20131124-161236.jpgand bonding that happens while your baby is rolling around in your belly is something words can’t describe. Your love for your unborn baby is more than any love you have felt before and you can not wait to meet them, hold them and love them even more than you ever thought was possible. It only seems fitting that you capture the moment you meet your baby or in some cases babies, the moment that they come earth side and that moment they take their first breath, ready to take on this new world with you by their side . Now that birth photography is becoming more popular and so many photographers have started offering births, it starts to become a bit over whelming trying to choose the right photographer for the job.

Firstly you need to know if you would like a birth photographer, if so what do you want out of having a birth photographer at your birth? Birth photography is all about story telling and capturing your birth story as it unfolds, in a tasteful way, is this something you want? Are you wanting a birth photographer there to capture the moments through labour that are often forgotten? Are you wanting memories captured forever? Are you wanting pictures that have your partner in them? Are you wanting his emotions documented as you deliever his child in the world? And are you wanting that moment you meet your baby frozen in time? YES? Then birth photography is for you. Now you have that question figured out its time to find the right photographer for you.

So how do you choose a birth photographer?

20131124-161107.jpgFinding the right photographer for your birth isnt the same as finding your family photographer, your birth space is sacred and the energy in the room can change depending on who is in the room, trust me I have seen it. You need to meet up with different birth photographers find the right one for you, who can you feel comfortable around, who shares the same energy and views as you? Make sure you feel like your photographer understands all your wants and needs. Speak at length about your ideas of how you want your birth story told. Your should never feel uncomfortable or feel obligated to do anything you dont want to, after all your birth photographer should just be an observor capturing YOUR story. Have a list of questions ready to ask your photographer at the meeting, almost every meeting I hear ‘Oh, I had heaps of questions but I have forgotten them now’.

Make sure your birth photographer has public liablity insurance. Accidents happen and these things need to be thought about before they happen. It shows that the photographer has thought about their business. Check out their style, look at lots of their images. Every photographer is different and you need to make sure their styple suits you. It will be your memories captured in this style. It may not seem like a big deal but if you look at enough photographers you will soon find the style you like.

Make sure they have the right photography skills for the job, you don’t want someone who has never done photography before starting with your birth, birth photography isn’t somewhere you should start a photography journey. Births can move fast and therefore someone will good skills can miss an important moment but someone who hasn’t had much experience will struggle. Births can not be redone if something is missed. Know your photographer.

Does the photographer have a good understand of your birthing space.20131124-161520.jpgIf you are birthing in a hospital do they understand hospital lighting? or working along side the hospital staff? Has the photographer had enough experience or done enough research to understand how to get the photo but stay out of the way of those attending your birth? DO THEY RESPECT THE BIRTHING PROCESS? That may seem like a weird question to ask but there are so many photographers that are doing births now because everyone is doing them and they think births are exciting and amazing but are only there for their own experience but they don’t truly respect birth, there is a big difference and there will be a big difference in the energy of your space.

Make sure the photographer has a back up. Things happen, the photographer you choose may end up in hospital themselves and you shouldn’t miss out on having your story captured. Ask them if they take on weddings during the time they are on call, as I can grantee your birth will come out second best, ask what happens, what plans they have in place and if they have ever had to put these plans into practice. Make sure their back up photographer has skills and has done births, anyone can take photos but it doesn’t mean they will turn out professionally.

Do they understand hospital policies? Policies aren’t always easily accessible but your photographer must know them or be willing to know them before your birth. The last thing you need is drama when you are in labour.

20131124-160900.jpgI can’t stress enough that you get along with your photographer. Even as a birth photographer I make sure I click with my clients. I always make sure I meet both parents if they are both going to be at the birth and make sure dad is comfortable with me. He will be the one to notice me more than mum and even though he isn’t giving birth he shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with me there it’s just as much about him, is his baby too. This is something your birth photographer should understand.

Trust your photographer, they will be taking very personal photographs. You want to trust that your photographer respects your privacy and the personal nature of your images. You don’t want to wake up one morning with a picture that you didn’t agree to all over the internet.

Not sure if you want a birth photographer or family taking photos I have an article on that too CLICK HERE.



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