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Frequently asked birth photography questions

My goal as your Photographer, is too preserve the memories forever,and the birth of your baby has to be one of the biggest days of your
life. It is the first time you will ever meet this beautiful baby that has been growing inside your belly for the last 9 months, its the first time
your baby will take a breath and the first time he or she will see your face. The first cuddles, the first feed, there are so many firsts that
will never happen again, it only seems right to capture these memories forever. Something you can show your children when they grow up
they will forever have the images and know just how much they were loved from the moment they were born.

Do you take pictures of the whole labour and birth?

Will you always post pictures on the internet?

Will you get in the way?

Do you count as a support person in hospital?

Will we meet before the birth?

When do you show up?

What long will you stay? What if I have a long labour?

What if I have a short labour will I get some money back?

What if I have an elected c-section?

Will I have to get the hospital approval?

What if you miss the birth?

When should I book?

Do you offer discounts or take payments?
What areas do you service?


What is a LIFESTYLE session?
When do I contact you?
How Do I prepare for my session?
But my house isnt pretty...




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