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Birth Photographer vs Family

Why hire a professional birth photographer instead of having family take photos?

This week I have had quite a number people inquire about births and are unsure whether they just want family to take photos or have a birth photographer, so I made my own image comparison.
These images have been given the okay to share by the family. The first image was taken by family and the other two by me, the first image was the baby is the exact same spot as the image taken by family.

I completely understand that Birth Photography is an investment but it is capturing one of, if not the most important day of your life and your child’s life. These images and memories are priceless, and I know because I had a birth photographer capture my second babies birth. The memories of birth fade so quickly that every couple that have seen their photos comments on how they didn’t remember this or that and my photos often fill in missing parts of their stories.
Family members main concern is you and that is the way it should be, they miss photos because they are so caught up in the moment and being your support. They also don’t have the training to handle the low light conditions and their cameras usually arent able to handle the many different scenarios like the big spot light doctors use for example.

Birth photographer vs Family

Let him hold your hand

If you are a mum due soon and is thinking dad can take photos I urge you to please reconsider!!!! This is his baby too let him be there in the moment with you both, I asked my husband to take photos of our first and do you know what? I have NONE!!!!!!! It makes me cry to this day. Photos was the last thing on his mind no mater how many times I spoke about it while I was pregnant! When your children look back on the photos of the moment they entered the world make sure they see the strong TEAM you all were and love you shared right from the beginning. After all if these dads where taking photos these photos wouldn’t exist….
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