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A bit about me and the misconceptions about what I do


I have always been a bit of a birth junkie, and from a young age I would study the birthing process and go to child

birth classes with my Aunty. The birth of a child is such a beautiful and sacred movement, that I believe needs to be captured and preserved forever. Mothers should be able to look back on their labour and remember the moment they met their child, earth side, for the first time. After all, they only take their first breath once.

My life changed the day my daughter was born. Not only in the typical ways, but her birth gave me a whole new respect for the birthing process and I truly understood the strength of a woman and all the beauty that comes with it. Not long after starting my photography business, I decided to specialise in birth photography. So straight away I started to research everything I needed to know. By the time I experienced my first birth, I had spentmore than 50 hrs researching and practicing in low light situations. After my first birth, I had an internal calm come over me and a feeling that can be explained as complete euphoria. I knew that this is where I am meant to be and what I am meant to do with my life.


I get so many different reactions when I tell people that I am a birth photographer but the main one is; “so you’re actually in there when they have the baby? Why would you want to do that? Why would someone want to remember that?” The big reason I get this reaction is because society has a very horrible pre-conception that birth is bloody and gory- when in fact it can be quite the opposite. Birth can be an amazing, empowering experience for both the mother and father. I always have photos close by to show people what birth photography really is. I show them some of my images and explain that it isn’t always a baby making its entrance, but rather a tasteful story of the entire birthing process. There are many ways of capturing a baby coming into the world, some women want over the shoulder shots to have the memory captured of how they remembered and others specifically ask for crowning shots. Every story is different and every parent wants different memories and that’s what I capture for them.


Another question that is often asked is; “why would someone want to have a stranger in the room?”. It’s my job to get to know the parents before they are even close to having their baby. My clients can have as many per-consultations as they feel necessary. It is very important when choosing your birth photographer that you are comfortable with them, (read my post about choosing a birth photographer) don’t be afraid to meet with a few. Most of the time I will know the parents more than the medical staff, which is something people forget when asking this question. Besides, if I am doing my job correctly I shouldn’t be noticed.

Birth photography isn’t for everyone but for many it is a major life event that they don’t want to forget. Many people feel that they birth of their child was superior to their wedding day. I feel honoured that I get to capture their stories and memories, and that I get to be there when a new life is welcomed into this wonderful world. I honestly love my job!

Its easy to see why birth photography is expanding and rapidly growing here in Geelong. Contact me today to talk about having your birth story captured.




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